Here's Everything We Know About The New Tesla Model S And X Interior

The new Tesla Model S and Model X interiors have generated significant buzz, showcasing a complete redesign with notable changes.

Both vehicles feature a futuristic, airplane-inspired steering yoke instead of a traditional round steering wheel, dividing opinions among enthusiasts.

The instrument cluster has been replaced with a 17-inch horizontal touchscreen, offering an immersive user experience for controls and entertainment.

The second-row passengers enjoy an enhanced experience with a rear screen and additional storage options.

The minimalist aesthetic extends to the ventilation system, which is now invisible, with air flowing from slim vents.

The cabin materials reflect a premium look and feel, with high-quality upholstery options.

Ultimately, the showdown between the Taycan Turbo S and Model S Performance highlighted the remarkable advancements in electric vehicle technology, offering consumers an exciting range of options to choose from.