Manny Khoshbin Shared This Tesla Model S Plaid Criticism, And He's Absolutely Right  

Manny Khoshbin, a prominent car enthusiast and entrepreneur, recently shared his criticism of the Tesla Model S Plaid,

and many agree with his points. One of his main concerns was the lack of physical buttons and knobs in the interior,  

relying solely on a touchscreen for controls, which can be distracting and inconvenient while driving.  

Khoshbin also raised questions about the long-term reliability and quality control of Tesla vehicles, citing issues with fit and finish. Additionally,  

he expressed skepticism about the claimed range and suggested that real-world driving conditions might result in lower efficiency.  

Khoshbin's critique resonated with those who value traditional automotive design and appreciate the importance of tactile controls.  

While the Model S Plaid offers impressive performance, his observations shed light on some valid concerns worth considering.